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God does not condemn any one because of their sexual orientation, this is a notion that was created by the Jews in the days of the Old Testament, who relied on hands to defend the tribes and cultivate the land , and since two man or two woman who engage in a sexual liaison cannot procreate, they introduced the laws of Leviticus, stating that homosexual relations where a sin punishable by death. 
The first writings pertinent to the bible first appeared in Arameo, less than 1000 years before the birth of Christ, which means that the bible is not yet 3000 years old, and the Quran is less 2.500 years old; but according to carbon text, the prehistoric drawings that were found in the caves of Altamira, Spain, are over 18.000 years old, meaning that humans inhabited our planet, thousands of years before anyone decided, that the love between two human beings is an abomination before the eyes of God, and nobody exactly knows, when Leviticus was added to the bible. 
The worst enemy of religion is the computer, because it provides people with all types of scientific information, which shows how full of shit, many of the Christians and the Muslims had been and are today. 
Christ came to the world to change the old law and he said: Love one another as I have loved you!!... And the followers of Leviticus murdered him!!... And this is the only abomination that the world is beginning to see.

The Muslim religion has its roots on Christianity, and the difference between Christ and the prophet Mohamed, is that Christ preached love, compassion, acceptance and understanding, while the prophet Mohamed delighted himself immersed in pedophilia and commanding the assassination of innocent people.
And eventually, all these people who spread all of this hatred and discrimination for no reason will destroy Christ’s legacy of love and compassion. –
According to statistics 82% of the children who are sexually abused are little girls, and since it is a male abusing a female, we assume that this male is a heterosexual, so I ask ¿What can we do to find a solution to this problem? – ¿ Are we going to place all the heterosexuals in jail? - ¿Maybe hang them all? And the answer is.. NO!!... !Because being a pedophile and a sexual deviant, has nothing to do with being either a heterosexual or a homosexual!!.. Homosexuals are persons like any other person, with the only difference, that a homosexual prefers to share his life and to love a person of the same gender. !And that’s all!!...
After ''Pastor Scott Lively'' was preaching in Uganda, the so call Christians were pouring gasoline on anyone suspected of being gay and setting them up on fire in the middle of the street!!... And the Muslims!!... Hanging and throwing gay people off of buildings in the name of Allah!!..

Christians who commit these despicable atrocities against other human beings are disciples of Satan, and if the Muslims think that they will be compensated by God for these crimes, I sincerely believe that they have another thing coming and if the Quran tells them that it is appropriate and justify to murder people, the Quran is evil, unholy and the work of Satan.
Many of these Muslims are dangerous criminals and a real menace to society, and if our western values contradic their believes, they need to get out of our countries, and to go back to their own countries, but they won't, because if their countries where so great, they won’t be here, taking advantage of our generosity and thinking that they are going to impose on us, their believes and senseless ideology, which are directly in conflict with our believes, which base themselves strictly on justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
By: Fabio A. Pabon M


The images that I publish here, are the result of real events of the violence, that took place against the homosexuals in Kampala. Uganda.

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